Telecom GSM & IBS

Antenna, Cable Connections, Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, Aircraft Warning Light

MCB for ODU/Shelter and SCECO Wall Construction

Outdoor Installation of MW, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz Antenna.

Testing and commissioning.

The design and implementation of concrete and steel buildings.

Building Maintenance concrete and metal.

Finishing incomplete implementation.

Computer Networking

Client-Server Architecture

Software installations

Hardware Configuration

Microwave Transmission

Optical Fiber Cabling

Radio links and Sensors

Data Networking

Telephone Networking

Rectification & Conditioning

Battery Banks Testing

GSM Civil :

Greenfield :

Site Preparation and permits

Excavation and foundation

Foundation Concrete pouring

Fence installation

Shelter installation

Tower Erection and Painting

ODU/Shelter Construction

Rooftop :

Rooftop Beam Layout

Rooftop Beam Connection Details

Module Installation

Cable Routing and Labeling

Cable Label

Tower View

Small Cell Tower .

Tower Installation