Process Control Systems (PCS)


Process control systems are the backbone of any modern oil & gas plant. At Dynamics Company we offer the best PCS systems available in the global market. Our vendor neutral system design approach allows plant operators to achieve highest levels of efficiency while ensuring a safe and compliant plant operation. Our range of PCS systems is extremely flexible; from PLC based control systems for compressor stations to complex DCS based systems managing complex onshore and offshore production plants Dynamics Company offers the complete spectrum


Designing control systems that would yield optimal operational performance is a challenge for project teams. Most managers in the Oil and Gas sector find it difficult to design systems for upgrade or new installations if legacy systems or practices involve more than one vendor.

Leveraging our multi-vendor expertise and a project experience in the oil, gas, power, Water and petrochemicals industries, DYNAMICS provides control system engineering & design services for your automation project. With specic expertise in system integration we can help project managers foresee and address design related issues that will arise during the execution stage of the project. This way the project timeliness can be secured and precious CAPEX & OPEX cost be kept to a minimal. With our experience we can help in identifying the right systems that will t in with the existing systems while keeping Plant Eciency at its maximum. We will also help in conducting FEED studies identifying system deciencies and steps to eliminate them while keeping within the resources. Our involvement with multiple systems and vendors over the years has developed the ideal skill required for system integration. While using DYNAMICS Engineering and Design Services Oil & Gas Plant Operators can be assured of seamless and cost eeffective project design that will also help in maximizing the asset utilization resulting in lower Costs. We can also assist EPC companies in understanding which systems are best suitable for either plant upgrade or new installations. DYNAMICS Engineering and Design Services are targeted towards projects where oil & gas companies are searching for ideal instrumentation and safety system design consultants that will help select the best t instrumentation package for them.

We will help you to identify the right instrumentation and safety systems that will suit not just project requirements but enhance plant‘s operating life. Our prior knowledge helps to better understand the systems and any bottlenecks of deciencies which may exist in the system. Using this we help our customers with FEED

studies and detailed engineering and design for instrumentation for both green and brown eld projects.