Operations Optimization


Each client is unique, along with their material handling needs but all companies share the common goal of, reducing their bottom line operating cost.

Our capabilities:


Staff performance enhancement

•    Staff evaluations represent covers the following aspects:

-    Integrity

-    Productivity

-    Cooperation

-    Punctuality


Warehouse and  KPIs

•    KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) reviews and helps employees know how they have been doing and what further development or training they need to do to improve.

•    Warehouse employees will be evaluated based on the agreed upon KPIs.



Our availability of skilled labour Employers sourcing skilled labour, provide the necessary training to their employees to develop these skills and competencies.



Reporting objectives:

1.    Ensures that proper controls are established over all the operations at the warehouses by comparing the actual results with the budgeted ones and take timely corrective actions.

2.    Ensures current procedures are followed by all the employees.

3.    Checks the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing processes and the controls.


Logistics Reports

Companies normally have reports covering the following aspects:

•    Inventory

•    Inbound

•    Outbound