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Information Technology & Cyber security Dynamics Company is a global technology company that works in partnership with a broad range of industrial and com-mercial customers to design and supply advanced technologies that optimize their operational performance and profitability. From oil refineries and power stations to Sewage water system and appliance manufacturers.


Cyber security Organizations have invested time and effort in IT computer security over the last 40 years, in fact for as long as network computers have existed. However, the term cyber security is a more recent one, and reflects the changing nature of information security in a digitally interconnected world. The rapid advance of digital technologies is undoubtedly driving this transformation. But more fundamentally, organizations have been unwittingly taking on risk—making use of networked information, digitizing their businesses—and leaving themselves vulnerable to attack. There are many factors that have turned traditional IT security on its head :

• Industrial-scale cyber espionage, which targets information, undertaken by criminal gangs and state-sponsored espionage.

• The “militarization” of cyber space, as nations start to treat cyber space as another military domain and act to build offensive capabili-ty and safeguard national critical infrastructure.

• The rise of “hacktivism”, with activists taking on corporates and public institutions by defacing their websites or disrupting their online services.

• Organized cybercrime that now makes more money from a variety of illegal online activities, acting with impunity as national forces struggle to respond on an international stage.

• Growing dependency on the Internet as businesses and governments move their services online, closing down traditional ways of engaging with citizens and customers.



In the post 9/11 scenario, facility and asset security is a major area of concern for oil & gas operators. Terrorist attacks, stealing of hydrocarbons or an unmonitored oil spill at a remote location can cause signicant blow not only to company’s bottom line but also to the trust shareholders place in the company. CCTV, Anti-Intrusion

systems though not directly linked with plant performance but are nonetheless key in identifying situations that need immediate response and can have a major business impact. The remoteness of oil & gas assets (Wellheads, Pipelines, and Gathering Stations etc.) combined with hard terrain and severe weather conditions

mandates higher levels of tolerance range and reliability standards for these systems.


We are a Full Service and Installation Contractors for CCTV / IP Security Cameras with hardware and strutted wiring silver ERA has extensive expense in both designing and installation of security Cameras Our specialty is quality - both in design & workshop. We use only the highest quality materials, protecting your investments and ensuring yapper hardware will last for years to come. We service industrial and commercial customers in whole kingdom (KSA) We will visit your job site and advice you based on your budget and requirements,

what is the best solution and gear necessary to achieve your goals, After the installation we will give you the necessary training, so you can be familiar with the system. After wards we will provide warranty and service to maintain the system.